Meet the Staff

The People and Pets of Mountain Veterinary Hospital.

Veterinary AssistantS

I’ve been working with Mountain Vet since 2019. Since starting here I have collected three of my own kitties who each have unique and fabulous personalities and make me laugh every day. I have had animals my entire life and love working with them. I continue to work on my education part time while I work here full time. Over the years of working here I have been able to learn more about health, wellness, and general medicine and I continue to learn daily in our practice.

Anna has been working at Mountain Veterinary Hospital since July of 2020. She has a certificate in Veterinary Assisting from Skagit Community College with aspirations to become a licensed Veterinary Technician. In her free time, Anna enjoys cooking and eating, attending live shows, and everything else the Pacific Northwest has to offer. At home, Anna has two cats named Momo and Onix and a bearded dragon named Fuzzy.

Hello! My name is Madeline, I am a veterinary assistant and I have been with Mountain Veterinary since December of 2021. I enjoy spending time outdoors, tending to my garden, and taking care of my chickens. I have a certificate in forestry & wildlife conservation, and am currently working towards becoming a veterinary technician to further advance my knowledge and experience in the veterinary field. I have three beautiful dogs, and two cats that love to do everything they can to cause trouble!

Hi, I am a vet assistant in the midst of going to school to become a licensed vet tech. A bit about myself; I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. I have lived in Whatcom County my whole life because the scenery here is like no other place I’ve been. I worked at Mt.Baker ski area previously for 4 years and still enjoy snowboarding in the winter. 

Hi, I’m Jessica! Mountain Vet is the first veterinary hospital I have worked at, and I’m very excited to work alongside the wonderful staff here and learn all about taking care of your furry family! I was born and raised right here in Bellingham Washington. I attended Bellingham High school and Whatcom Community College. I have one amazing dog, a yorkie-poo named Molly, that I absolutely adore! I look forward to expanding my own furry family as soon as I can 🙂

Hi, My name is Dena! I am from Marysville, Wa. and I moved to Bellingham recently for school. I am a student at Western Washington University and I am still figuring out what I want to do with my life! Working at Mountain Veterinary Hospital has been amazing and I love getting to see all of your cute pets. Back in Marysville I have two dogs, Finn and Thumper, and they are both handfuls. When I am not at school or work I enjoy eating lots of yummy food, watching scary movies, and exploring beautiful Bellingham.

Hello! My name is Gabby and I’m from Snohomish, WA but have been living in Bellingham and working at Mountain Vet since 2020. I’m currently a student at Western Washington University for a biology major on a pre-veterinary pathway to hopefully fulfill my career as a small animal veterinarian. I absolutely enjoy my time here at the clinic and getting to know each and every client and patient that comes in! I currently have a cat named Gravy and a horse named Nemo who are sure to be the biggest goofballs I know. In my free time I enjoy showing and visiting my horse and exploring Bellingham with friends, with a side hobby of baking. I appreciate all my coworkers and most importantly my bosses for being such good mentors and can assure you that all your pets will get the absolute best care here!

My name is Tayler. I grew up in Whatcom County, and I am an Anthropology/Biology student at Western Washington University. I have always loved animals of all species and started volunteering at the Whatcom Humane Society in 2017. I have also been volunteering at the Whatcom Humane Society Wildlife Center during summers for the past few years, mainly feeding baby birds and squirrels. In my own home, I currently have parakeets, cats, reptiles, and a dog.

While I really wanted to work with animals for a job, I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do or where to get started. Then, I suddenly learned there were job openings here, the same place I took my cats! I started working at Mountain Veterinary Hospital in April 2021. I’m planning on applying to vet schools over the summer, but for now I love being here. Working here has reinforced my interest in animal care, and I always look forward to learning new things!

Clinic Cats, AKA Mountain Vet Mascots


Squak! That is the sound I make if you try to pick me up. I am not a big fan of my roommates, but I very much enjoy any guests that come by and say “Hi”. That means you! I walked in one cold, lonely, winter day many years ago and decided to never leave. You can almost always find me on the receptionist desk or lounging above the fireplace. 


I love you, but I love me more. You will see my best side and my worst side. But, let’s be honest. There is no worst side. Some girls may call me “Crabby Abby” when I am feeling a little feisty, but that’s just because they are jealous. However, if you treat me right, I can be incredibly cuddly and loving. More so than any of these other peasants you see lazing about.


Fact 1: I will do anything for a scoop of Friskies. Fact 2: The girls here enjoy scooping me up and playing with my belly and toes. Fact 3: I have multiple toes. I am one of those polydactyl kitties. So, if you hear me clicking around, then it’s because I am either racing away for the Friskies or resisting arrest. My partner-in-crime is my best friend, Bags.


If you ever see a big black cat running around outside. Do not worry, it is not a panther. It is just me, Bagheera. “Bags” for short. I am either lounging in the sun on top of someone’s car or I am chasing around critters. I am what you would call, the security detail. If you don’t see me outside, then I am taking it easy with my best friend, Wiley.


Ahhhhhhh, you will never see me! If you think your shadow is scary, you should see mine. It is always chasing me around. You know what they say, “Keep your friends far away, and keep your enemies even farther.” Although, I can be enticed to come up and say hello on a very quiet day with some delicious shrimp treats.