Alternative Medicine

At Mountain Veterinary Hospital we practice Holistic Medicine where the whole patient is evaluated (complete history and physical exam), not just a single symptom or disease. We believe this approach is more likely to result in a positive outcome, because it is often the case that what appears to be affecting only a small part of the patient is in reality affecting many parts of the patient.

As part of the holistic medicine that we practice, Dr. Michelle Schraeder can also include Alternative and Complementary Therapies in your pet’s treatment. Dr. Schraeder is trained in Alternative Medicine as well as Western Medicine. She may use any of these therapies alone or in conjunction with one another, a practice referred to as Integrative Medicine.

The alternative and complementary medicines we utilize are Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Food Therapy, and Massage (Tui Na) (Chinese massage/manipulation). These therapies may be used in combination with each other.

Many types of conditions may be treated with alternative and complementary medicine. If you have a regular veterinarian, we can act as a “referral vet” and keep your regular vet updated on treatments we are performing.

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