Dental Care

One of the most common, and yet one of the most overlooked problems affecting pets is dental disease. Since pets do not brush or floss their teeth, they are much more prone to dental disease than humans are. Many pets with dental problems may be in a lot of pain, but since pets are not able to directly communicate with humans, this pain may go unrecognized.

Check your pet’s teeth and gums. If there is any tartar on the teeth, redness of the gums, or if there is an odor, your pet may have dental disease and should be examined.

Many people are concerned about their pets receiving general anesthesia in order for a dentistry to be performed, due to the complications that can be associated general anesthesia. We agree that these concerns are valid. For this reason, we offer dentistries performed under light sedation and local anesthesia. For more information about how we do dentistries, click here to learn about Roxy’s trip to the dentist.

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