Underwater Treadmill

The Oasis Underwater Treadmill is a remarkably designed product that has significantly enhanced our ability to provide treatment for animals with joint and muscle problems. The water is warmed to body temperature to help relax sore muscles and joints. The buoyancy of the water creates a low impact workout which is perfect for joints that are trying to heal. The resistance created by the water strengthens muscles that have been weakened by injury or lack of use. We are able to customize the workout by controlling the speed and by adjusting the angle of the floor so it is either flat, uphill, or downhill. Click here to read about Piper who used the underwater treadmill to learn to walk again.

Monday to Friday:
8:30AM to 5:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM to noon
Closed Sundays & Major Holidays

Please call ahead for an appointment or more information.