Mountain vet is AMAZING!!

Mountain vet is AMAZING!! You can tell the vets there genuinely care about your animal. My cat has a UTI. I called literally every vet in Whatcom County (except mountain vet because I didn’t know they existed) and every place was like no sorry can’t see you, we’re fully booked. But mountain vet got her … Read more

This vet clinic saved my dog from the unthinkable

This vet clinic saved my dog from the unthinkable. I really appreciate the vet, staff and basically anyone who helped me and Dolly. I want to be short and simple: always get a second opinion for your pets in an emergency. I was told the wrong thing and panicked thinking my beloved dog would have … Read more

Amazing vets and front desk service

Amazing vets and front desk service. I moved to the area in December and read a lot of posts about insane costs of care around town. A friend recommended me to Mountain Veterinary and I’ve been so happy with the service. Affordable, friendly, and so caring.

Monday to Friday:
8:30AM to 5:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM to noon
Closed Sundays & Major Holidays

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